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Professional Portfolio

The Co-Operative Group

I have delivered supervisory management training programmes for a number of teams within the co-operative group. Topics included how to engage and motivate team members.


I worked with the DVLA during a period of reorganisation and change. I assisted with assessing individuals who were considering new middle management roles within the new structure.

Hays Plc

I worked as a Senior Consultant for Hays Plc assisting individuals seeking work in the accountancy field. Supporting them with CV preparation and mock interviews enabled me to help many individuals secure jobs they had otherwise thought impossible.

HM Customs & Excise

I facilitated a 360 degree feedback programme for HMCE which enabled the various teams involved to share their perceptions and experiences of each other within the team.


I have provided full cognitive assessments for employees with dyslexia who have experienced difficulties in the workplace. The assessments enable employers to understand more clearly what they can do to help dyslexic employees in the workplace.

London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

I continue to work with the LFEPA on a range of projects and have done for over a decade. Primarily, my focus is on designing and managing assessment methodology used for selection of fire-fighters, all levels of promotion and specialist role assessment as a result of the increased terrorist threat in the capital; i.e. assessment centres for teams such as Urban Search and Rescue / Line and Water Rescue.

In addition to selection and assessment I have worked with the organisation on wellbeing audits (see http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/P-HRE215.pdf) , dyslexia assessments, leadership development, team building, 360 degree feedback, gender and diversity strategy advice, and coaching.

I have also worked with West Sussex, Cork City and Avon Fire Services in similar areas of work.

I have delivered presentations on the work I have done with the Fire Service to delegates at the 2010 BPS Annual Occupational Psychology Conference and conferences in Finland.

Metropolitan Police Service

I worked extensively with the MPS over a two year period. Significant projects involved work with their team of Hostage Negotiators; providing personality profiles on all new negotiators and advising on aspects of their highly regarded training programme which was also utilised by FBI officers.

I also conducted a training needs analysis with Diplomatic and Royalty Protection teams to assist in redesign of their core training programme; principal officers protecting the Royal family and the Prime Minister / Cabinet Ministers attended this programme so it was of a very high profile nature. In addition to these projects I designed a range of selection methodology for all levels within the uniformed promotion assessment centres.


I have coached senior level employees from PwC facing challenges and difficulties at work. As with all my coaching the approach taken is dependent on the types of problems the employee is encountering.


I designed and delivered a training programme for Unilever employees. The programme provided employees with an opportunity to reflect on their own method of working and learn about techniques to improve themselves.

University of Brighton

I continue to work with the University’s Disability and Dyslexia team. I provide full cognitive assessments for students experiencing difficulties with their studies. The reports I provide give recommendations for the student and University to use in the future.


I have provided expert opinion in articles for The Independent on Sunday, The Times, The Guardian and several other national publications on issues such as work life balance, interview preparation and organisational culture.

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