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Professional Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching can be an excellent way to improve performance at work. Dedicated one-to-one time with an objective professional coach can be a unique way for individuals to consider how challenges might be approached, understanding their strengths and considering ways of addressing areas for change.

Coaching is very much about the present; it is about creating new possibilities for the future and through well established techniques it is about devising and implementing strategies for change. Being deeply listened to is in itself a very powerful tool for change, combined with the psychological oriented approach to coaching I offer, can lead to significant rewards for the client.

Whether you are a graduate embarking on your career, considering how to move on from a well established career or need support to guide and facilitate the achievement of your goals; coaching can be the perfect tool to aid you in your career and personal development.

What are my coaching qualifications?

Alongside my psychology qualifications, I am a Tavistock Institute trained coach and a licensed Firework Career Transition coach. I have coached individuals from both the private and public sector. I have fourteen years experience feeding back the results of psychometric assessments to individuals.

What situations may create a need for coaching with me?

I offer coaching for clients with varying occupational needs, however the following areas are given as examples:-

Situation How I can help
To support managerial development.
I have worked with a range of senior executives from organisations such as PwC who were looking for psychology oriented coaching to help support development and improve leadership approach.
To help with a change in career direction.
I am a licensed Firework career transition coach which means I can offer a recognised programme which aids clients in making the right change in career.
To support organisational change.
I have worked with organisations who were changing structures and wanted to help employees work through this change.
To help improve and/or build team cohesion.
I have worked on many team development programmes and development centres which has led on to a programme of coaching.
Assisting with resilience and confidence building.
I have worked with many people experiencing redundancy or other setbacks in their work life. I have assisted them in reframing what they are going through and looking at the positive in any situation.
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And also I can help with:

  • Specific individual requirements i.e: new in post, accelerated development, difficulty understanding team behaviour.
  • Organisations may hire me as a regular coach to assist with their talent management programme and / or attraction and retention of high calibre professionals.

How do I relate to a client’s aspirations?

I offer an authentic and professionally recognized approach to coaching. My experience and background enable the client to feel confident in my abilities to work with them in a sensitive and confident way.

Following on from establishing the purpose of coaching and agreeing to key objectives for the process I build up a psychological picture of the client through personality assessments and / or exercises. I can also use 360° feedback tools and a range of other psychometric assessments if appropriate. In addition to this I use various exercises that may involve pictorial representations. I then work with the client to understand what this feedback means in the context of their situation.

I believe it is important for the coaching to continue as much outside of the coaching sessions as possible, so I always provide 'homework' assignments that are discussed at the start of each session. I am available for clients via email in between coaching sessions to ensure the coaching process is always being considered.

What do you bring to the coaching encounter: As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, I believe I have a theoretical grounding of the world of work and individuals relationship to it. With my experience of internal and external consultancy in both private and public sectors, I have the practical experience to support the theory.

How does it work?

I always begin any coaching process with an initial telephone consultation with potential clients – this ensures that coaching could be valuable and regular sessions can be achieved. This initial discussion is free of charge to ensure that there I can be of help. I offer face-to-face coaching sessions in my offices based near Brighton or clients work premises if they are in the Brighton / Hove area.

Alternatively, I offer telephone coaching to individuals with busy schedules or who live in other areas of the UK or overseas. I find this form of coaching also works well as often clients feel much more comfortable in their own environment and obviously travelling time is cut out. I can also use Skype if that is preferable for clients who cannot meet me in person.

I require clients to attend a three sessions per month, ideally for at least three months but this may be less if appropriate. Each session lasts for between 45 minutes to 1 hour. In between sessions I can be contacted by email or through short phone calls. If this is too structured and you require more flexibility in terms of sessions this can be worked into our contract with each other.

If I believe a client would not benefit from coaching with me I will do everything possible to offer alternative options for the individual. I have a good network of contacts throughout the UK that I can refer clients onto if necessary.

All sessions are completely confidential, therefore if I am employed by an organization for coaching assignments then all aspects of the agreement are agreed in writing from the onset in the form of a coaching contract.

Psychometric Profiling

If you are in an existing coaching relationship and require some form of profiling to support these sessions then I can offer the following psychometric assessments via the internet followed up with a 60 minute telephone feedback session and full interpretive report:

I am happy to discuss the benefits of having a feedback session based on these measures in the first instance. I can also facilitate an online 360 degree feedback process. This would be followed with a 2 hour feedback session and detailed report. I only offer this service with the inclusion of telephone feedback.

I require payment prior to each course of monthly sessions. I offer reductions in fees for recent graduates, public sector employees or if you have recently been made redundant. I make every effort to see everyone that contacts me for coaching, however in some instances it is not possible due to having a full practice.

As I work independently then I can only accept a certain number of clients at any one time and would not compromise the service and support I give to each client. Please contact me directly for details on specific costs.

In Brief

I offer psychological assessment, coaching and consultancy solutions on a corporate and individual client basis. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, I have a theoretical grounding in the world of work and the client’s relationship to it.

With over 10 years experience of internal and external consultancy for both private and public sectors, I have the practical experience to support academic psychological concepts.

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